NASA: Ames Research Center: The Astrophysics & Astrochemistry Laboratory


NASA Ames PAH IR Spectroscopic Database

The NASA Ames PAH IR Spectroscopic Database [1] [2] (PAHdb hereafter) hosts the world’s foremost collection of infrared (IR) PAH spectra. PAHdb’s spectral libraries contain over 4,000 laboratory measured and quantum chemically computed PAH spectra. Beyond spectroscopic data, PAHdb also provides software tools to work with the spectral data. The portal to the data and tools is the PAHdb website, which is located at https://www.astrochemistry.org/pahdb. This is the manual for the AmesPAHdbPythonSuite and describes its features and capabilities.

Please consult the website for additional resources and information, and the PAHdb cookbook for general usage and examples.

Last updated December 2022